Experience the joy
of learning at Abu Dhabi's most fun-filled nursery.

Nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Happy Hearts Nursery offers a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can thrive and develop to their full potential.

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Join the Happy Hearts family and give your child the best start to life in Abu Dhabi.

  • Unique & Fun-Filled Approach To Learning
  • Nurturing And Stimulating Environment
  • Personalized Care For Every Child

What sets us apart from other nurseries in Abu Dhabi?

Early Years British Curriculum (EYFS)

Give your little one the gift of a world-class education, with our Curriculum specifically designed for the early years.

Smart Classrooms With Latest Technology

Our smart classrooms are a high-tech adventure waiting to happen, with the latest technology to keep your child engaged and learning.

Safe Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

Rest easy knowing your child is safe and secure, with both indoor and outdoor play areas that prioritize their wellbeing.

Updates On Your Child's Growth & Progress

Stay involved in your child's growth and development, with regular online updates on their progress and milestones.

Exploring  Our Safe and Stimulating Facilities.
A World of Wonder for Your Child!

Give your child 
the best start 
in life.

Tailor your child's learning journey at Happy Hearts International Nursery with flexible & affordable fees.

Terms and conditions apply
  • The offer is exclusive for online customers.
  • The offer cannot be availed in conjunction with other offers.
  • The nursery reserves the right to change the pricing without prior notice.
  • The pricing does not include registration & transport fees.
  • The annual pricing only applies if you make the total payment at once.
  • The nursery is open for 10 months in the year. During the summer holidays we have the summer camp which has a separate pricing that is not included here.


Annual Plan



10 Months

  • Pay once for the entire year

  • Parent communication app

  • Online exclusive discount

  • Pay by card/cash/cheque

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Monthly Plan



  • Cancel anytime

  • Parent communication app

  • Sibling discounts

  • Pay by card/cash/cheque

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