Red Day

5 Sep, 2023

Red Day is a lively event in our nursery where children celebrate the color red through fun activities, games, and decorations.

red and black abstract painting

A Fiery Fiesta!

Join us for a blazing celebration of Red Day at Happy Hearts Nursery Preschool. Ignite your child's imagination as they dive into a world of vibrant red hues through exciting activities, engaging games, and delightful decorations. Let the fiery fun begin!

Ravishing Red Crafts

Get ready to unleash your child's artistic side with our dazzling red crafts! From painting crimson masterpieces to creating adorable red-themed collages, your little ones will explore their creativity and create memorable keepsakes. Watch as their imaginations soar in a sea of red!

Red Rhythm Jam

It's time to groove to the beat of the color red! Join our exciting Red Rhythm Jam, where children discover the joy of music and movement. From catchy red-themed songs to lively dance routines, this interactive session will have your child clapping, stomping, and twirling with laughter!

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