Outdoor Spaces

Car Drive

Fully equipped with cars where children have car races and learn to set up their own road network in this area following the traffic rules equipped with sign boards and signals.

Vroom Vroom, Let's Go!

Watch your little ones ignite their imaginations as they participate in thrilling car races. Our fully equipped car drive area allows children to zoom around in their own cars, experiencing the thrill of competition and the joy of reaching the finish line. They'll learn important skills like coordination, balance, and sportsmanship while having a blast!

Little Traffic Engineers

In our car drive area, children become mini traffic engineers as they learn to set up their own road networks. Equipped with signboards and signals, they'll discover the rules of the road and how to navigate through a mini city. This hands-on experience teaches them about road safety, following traffic rules, and the importance of cooperation.

Exploring New Horizons

The car drive area at Happy Hearts Nursery Preschool is a gateway to endless adventures. Children can let their imaginations soar as they embark on journeys to far-off lands, bustling cities, and exciting destinations. With a variety of cars and props, they can create their own stories and experience the thrill of exploration.

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