Fun Themed Park for your Child
  • Fun & Frolic in our Outdoor Park

    For many, play is epitomized by children running, climbing, jumping, and moving. The pure joy of these simple physical activities is warmly remembered. Children using their large muscles in these activities are strengthening their gross motor development.

    Walking during early toddlerhood, running and climbing at the preschool level, and swinging and skipping in the primary years are all examples of how play enhances gross motor development.

    • Completely shaded play area with UV protection.
    • Cool breeze from specially installed outdoor fans.
    • Wide variety of fun playground equipment such as slides, bouncing castles, hamster wheels, pools and more.
  • Our Park is divided into interesting and exciting areas for a child’s imagination and creativity through play.

  • The play yard is the best in the UAE! The toys are changed on a daily basis so there is no time for the kids to get bored and if they are not in the mood to run around and play,

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