Under the Sea

Exploring marine life in the ocean
  • Discovering the Secrets of the Ocean

    Even very young children have an inborn sense of the ocean’s immensity. Standing on the water’s edge, it is clear that there is no “other side”!Children are fascinated by large ocean animals- whales, dolphins, sharks.

    A trip to our ocean corner will not only be fun, but a real learning experience for the children. The real marine sand, and other effects alone are awe-inspiring. The seashells, corals, and the variety of ocean animals will create an unforgettable experience and increased knowledge of marine life.

    • Realistic models of Fishes, Corals & other creatures
    • Real marine sand from the bottom of the ocean!
    • Wide variety of marine life of all colors & shapes.
    • An immersive, fun and educational experience for kids.


  • Let your child experience the vastness of the ocean.

  • Children this age are fascinated by the ocean and ocean life. Visiting our ocean corner will give your youngster an up close view of all kinds of ocean life.

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