Kidz Art

Creativity and fun
  • Every Child is an Artist

    Children express and represent what they observe, think, imagine, and feel through two- and three-dimensional art.

    Art activities are also used to promote and enhance children’s learning in literacy (e.g., writing and illustrating stories, labeling pictures), mathematics (e.g., sequences and patterns), and other cognitive and social areas.

    • Fun activities like Painting, drawing, scribbling modelling & sculpture.
    • Practicing and gaining fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination.
    • Developing perceptual abilities. Awareness of colors, shapes, forms, lines, and textures result as children observe these and try to replicate them through art.
  • Art is a medium to give children the desire to grow, dream, speak freely.

  • Being given the opportunity to make choices and solve problems. How do you get the legs to stick on a clay figure? What color should I use? Making art offers children a multitude of choices and many decisions to make.

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